Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adam & Abigail

Many of you know I'm in the home stretch of a manuscript I'm writing. The main characters for that book are named Adam & Abigail. I've been told it's a good idea to not just use your imagination, but to actually gather pictures of real people that come close to what you think your characters may look like.

Since I'm on the last round of revisions - I've thought about this before. I looked a little bit for pictures I thought might fit my characters, but not really in depth. I did brand new worksheets on my characters before starting this revision and I thought I might as well look for the pictures as well. It wasn't until last night that I thought it might be fun to involve you all in it. :o)

See, this doesn't just help me envision the characters better. It also will help me show the graphic artist more of what I mean when I talk about who and what they are supposed to look like. That means you get a sneak peak into my characters. I'm going to see who you think best fits them. Remember, these people will not be their actual cover pics, it's just a kind of guide.

Adam is supposed to be 6 foot tall and well built. He has sandy blonde hair that is short on the sides, but long enough on top that when he looks down it covers his blue-green eyes. He is very attractive, but has an open, kind of disarming look about him. He is very handsome (all heroes need to be, right?) but he has nothing of the bad boy in him, circumstances made him different than most people. He's kind of sad (especially at the beginning), young, scary smart, protective and jealous.

Abigail is the same age as Adam (they are in their mid 20s). She's shorter than he is, has wavy, blonde hair that she wears twisted up at the nape of her neck for work. She's a public affairs specialist that has been hired to help Adam. She's got guts and determination - plus a curiosity that gets her into trouble. When she starts finding out that things aren't adding up at the research facility, she starts an investigation. Who knows where that will lead? She's independent to a fault. She thinks it's a strength, but it's just a defense mechanism.

And now for the candidates: The first one for Adam is Emerson Smith. And he is pictured right here -------->

This next pic is Daniel Burda.

Now for the ladies. I loved this picture of Michelle Williams. It goes with how I describe Abigail's hair exactly & she looks so young & pretty.

And this is Charlie Bewley. (The pics messed up my formatting.)

This is Diane Kruger from National Treasure. Not only does she look the part, but I can see her "acting" like Abigail as well. (down)

This is Rachael Leigh Cook (down). I like that she's pretty, but more in a girl- next-door kind of way.

So what do you think? Who makes the best Adam & Abigail? Why? Do you like covers that show faces or not? Why? I'm going to leave voting and discussion open for one week. So all comments must be placed by the 11th of Feb at midnight ~ central time. I'll announce a winner the following day of a free book just for participating in the discussion. Leave your email address if you want to be counted in the drawing for the free book. One entry per person, void where prohibited, only for those in the United States, sorry. Good luck!


  1. My picks are Charlie Bewley and Rachael Leigh Cook. Okay, now for the why...I picked Charlie because I thought he was the cutest of the not the best reason but there you go. But I will say that Emerson looks too much like a bad boy to me so that is one reason I didn't pick him. And I picked Rachael because the way you described Abigail I think she looks like what I would picture in my mind for your Abigail.

    I do like covers that show the faces of the characters because I don't have to work so hard to picture what they look like..guess I'm lazy. ;)

    Your books sounds really interesting. :)

  2. I like Daniel Burda and Michelle Williams...imo they seem to fit your descriptions better. Daniel has the blondest hair, and it looks like it might be long enough to "hang" in this eyes. *sigh* Michelle looks more sophisticated, and seems comfortable being in front of people.

    YES! Faces on the covers are a lot better. I don't understand why so many publishers are going to faceless bodies??? Don't they know by now that us gals want to SEE the characters? LOL

    You know I'm really excited to read your book! Keep me posted. I haven't heard from you in awhile...I hope you're just busy finishing up your book. *wink*


  3. Thanks ladies. :o) I 'll have to hold off sharing my opinion for a while.

    I do agree that I like faces, just like both of you. :o)

    I'm sorry I haven't been around as much, Lori. I haven't been feeling well and I have been trying to finish the book. It should be totally finished by late spring or early summer.

  4. LOL did you mean Feb 11th for the deadline instead of Nov 11th?

    As for your characters I like Charlie as Adam (he's the cutest)but he doesn't look as shy as Daniel does so I guess Daniel would be a better fit for your character.

    I like Michelle as Abigail! She just looks sophisticated as I imagine a public affairs person to look like LOL!

    Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put a person with a face on your cover! I hate the covers that show half faces? Why is that such a trend these days? LOL

    I hope I helped you!

    I can't wait to read your story!

    xoxo~ Renee

  5. Oh, Lee, I was hoping it wasn't because you weren't feeling well! I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you start feeling better soon! {{hugs}}

    That is so awesome! Spring (and summer) will be here before we know it. How exciting for you! <3

  6. Renee ~ Thanks for getting me squared away. :o)

    Yep, it's getting close, but there has been a lot going on. Pray for me ladies. I can always use that.

  7. You know you're in my prayers, Lee! {{hugs}}