Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two Brides Too Many

Kat and Nell Sinclair are headed west—away from the manicured lawns of Maine to the boisterous, booming mining town of Cripple Creek, Colorado to start new lives for themselves as mail-order brides. Aboard the train, romantic dreamer Nell carries a photo of her intended close to her heart and imagines an exciting and love-filled future, while her pragmatic older sister Kat resigns herself to marriage as a duty, not a delight. But when the ladies disembark at the train depot, neither fiancĂ© Patrick Maloney or Judson Archer awaits them with open arms. The well-bred Sinclair sisters find themselves unexpectedly alone in the wild, frontier town—a place where fire threatens to reduce the buildings to rubble, the working women strut the streets, rogues will gamble for the shoes on one’s feet, and God’s grace is found amongst the most unlikely of folks. Two sisters,Two missing misters,A shocking welcome to the wild west that leaves both Kat and Nell Sinclair questioning their dreams­ and the hope for true love.

My Take: 

One of the things I liked about this book was the way the cover and the writing made me think of my own sister. I've got dark hair and my sister is a blond. She's the social butterfly and I tend to have just a few close friends. I could go on and on. Just like Kat & Nell, we would have fought anyone who tried to hurt the other. 

These sisters are also very different from each other but they have their world turned upside down. Their tight-knit family is broken apart and they are forced to become mail order brides far from home and everything they know and dreamed of. When they arrive they find even those plans have gone awry. 

I loved the characters the author created in this book. Hattie and Boney are especially memorable. This is a "sweet" romance and though it features romances for both sisters - one of them has to wait for so long that it feels almost like it was skipped over and then inserted. 

I kind of wondered why some minor characters were given point of view in scenes. I can only guess that they will be featured in the rest of the series. 

Those tiny negatives were not enough to take away from two very well written characters. Nell and Kat both stood out as individuals and as women who were taking risks to try and settle in a very turbulent area that wasn't safe for single women. Both showed courage and compassion as well as loyalty to each other and those they came to know and care for. Both were willing to sacrifice for strangers as well. It's just that kind of spirit that got our country started. 


  1. I think I have this book on my tbr pile. Sounds like it's a sweet romance. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. It was a very sweet romance, Angie. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. I just ordered this because of the review. Thanks!