Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Musings

I've decided to try a new feature on my blog. On Mondays I will have a post about something I have been thinking about, writing about, something that God has been teaching me... Those kinds of topics. I expect it will be something where there can be a lot of discussion from you as well. I hope you enjoy this new feature and I look forward to your feedback.

Today's topic came from a discussion I had with a military wife I know. She's upset about the number of commercials that feature soldiers. She complained about them because she believes they're using the military as a way to take advantage of the American public and their patriotic feelings as well as their desire to support the men and woman serving overseas.

It's true that many companies that have nothing to do with the military are using images of soldiers and their families to sell products.

There are other companies, like USAA, which caters only to military families (retired and veterans as well) and their dependents. They've also been running commercials lately with images of soldiers (I don't think I noticed many commercials by them before - I'll have to look it up). I'm guessing the greater frequency has to do with the economy and restrictions put on banks in general. Maybe there just is greater competition and they need to get their name out there more.

Is there a difference between the two companies? Do you think she's right to be offended at either? Should we be using images of our soldiers to sell products like this? I'd really like to hear your view, but whatever it is, I'm sad the military community would think all they're worth to a company is an advantage to gain profit. I stand behind them and pray for their safety. Thank you to all those who serve and their families for their sacrifice for freedom.


  1. Since insurance is my day job, I come across a lot of people that don't realize that they may be eligible to purchase insurance with USAA because of being current or retired military, or the dependent of one. USAA is there to fill a niche in the market, and to advertise that in a commercial format seems totally legitimate to me.

    The only other time I would say that it's appropriate would be if a company is offering a discount to active military to purchase something at their store/company. Neither one of these examples would seem offensive to me, but rather, helpful.

  2. Christy - I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. I've been a customer of USAA for a long time. I agree that many don't know about USAA or that they may be eligible for their services. I don't think their commercials are offensive because the products and services they provide are for the military.

    I can see what she means when I see commercials like the one I shared in my post by Kay Jewelers. That is a product being marketed to everyone that is not related to military service and nothing is mentioned about a discount to military members.

  3. Hmm, I never thought about that before, but it's a good point. Obviously it's something the advertising companies *have* though about.

  4. K.M. - You're right, they have. At least that means they feel the military is a positive symbol. I hope we don't forget them the way we have so many other veterans. I heard a scary statistic about that the other day. I think they said something like half of the men who are homeless are veterans and that a quarter of them have serious psychiatric issues that aren't being treated. We've abandoned those who fought and served for us. It's one of the most tragic things I'd heard.