Friday, December 11, 2009

My Top 10 for 2009

It's the end of the year, or nearly so, and people have started to reflect on what they have accomplished. They write those letters to their friends and relatives to stick inside Christmas cards ~ explaining all that has happened over the past year... They wonder what the new year will bring. This has been a tough time for many, so hopes and dreams may center on jobs and making it financially. I know many who struggle with health issues.

Those of us who read and write for the bulk of our time often reflect upon the books in our lives. Which ones touched us the most? Which were utter disappointments? What are we really looking forward to be released in the coming year? I've already seen some people post their list of favorites. Who am I to break with tradition? In alphabetical order, here are the books I most enjoyed reading this past year (notice that some were published in previous years, I just read them this year):

  1. Tamera Alexander's Fountain Creek Chronicles Series
  2. Christina Berry's A Familiar Stranger
  3. Diana Gabaldon's Outlander
  4. Shannon Hale's Austenland
  5. Julie Lessman's Daughters of Boston series
  6. Jane Orcutt's All the Tea in China
  7. Catherine Palmer's The Bachelor's Bargain
  8. Golden Keyes Parson's Darkness to Light Series
  9. Tracie Peterson's Brides of Gallatin County Series
  10. Laurie Viera Rigler's Confession of a Jane Austen Addict
You can find reviews for most of these books on my blog. I just want to thank the authors for making it so difficult to pick only ten that I cheated (just a little) and picked quite a few series instead of just single books. I also want to thank you for coming by here, reading and taking a moment to comment. I know how busy everyone is.

How about you? Do you have a top ten list for 2009 yet? Or do you just have a few favorite books you'd like to share? I'm always up for suggestions on another good book. :o)


  1. LEE!!!! You sweetheart, you -- thank you SO much for putting my series on the list! I am TOTALLY blessed, especially given the caliber of the other authors listed. Sigh ... it's going to be a good day! :)

    Have as blessed weekend.


  2. Nice list!

    I don't think I could possibly narrow it down to ONLY 10! Lol...but I know that Cheryl Wyatt's Wings of Refuge series would definitely be on it : )
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Julie ~ Thank you for stopping by! That made my day. :o) I'm a HUGE fan. Your mix of tight-knit family, handsome heroes, kisses that raise the temperature in the whole room, and the balance of the desire to live right with God... it was a powerful combination. I still love Collin the best, and re-read your series every so often (which is a sure sign of a keeper). Blessings to you ~

    Hannah ~ I know, only 10 is hard. That's why I cheated. lol I'll have to look up that series. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Cheater, cheater, cheater!!! LOL

    Excellent list, Lee! I need to post mine, too. Of course, Julie's book will be on my list...they are AWESOME!! I know I have waaaaay more than 10, so I'll be a cheater, too. *wink*

    Hey Julie & Hannah! *waving excitedly*

    Merry Christmas y'all!
    ~ Lori

  5. Lori ~ I had no doubt Julie's book would make your list as well. I can't wait to see the rest of them. :o) You have excellent taste, except for the lack of regency novels. lol {ducking & running}

  6. Lee, this is the second blog/place where I've seen people talking about "Regency novels" this weekish! Lol...I've never read them.... just pointing that out : )

    You totally should try Cheryl's books!! They're in the Love Inpired line. They're nice, quick, easy reads, but totally worth it! They leave you with such satisfying feelings : )

    Lol, Lori! I'm so glad to see you waving just as excitedly to me as Julie Lessman!! Wow! That's some ranking ; ) Hiiiiii Lori!!!!! *jumping up and down waving VERY excitedly* : P

    Merry Xmas all, even though I KNOW I'll be talking to you before Xmas : D

  7. LOL I have read all of the books on this list except for the Tracie Peterson series and have top totally agree with you! I loved the Daughters of Boston series and the Fountain Creek Chronicles and if I decided to make a top ten it would definitely include those series's! Thank you for sharing!

    xoxo~ Renee

  8. Gosh, Lee, Lori, Hannah and Renee -- you guys are embarrassing me with your kind comments ... but, uh, I'll get over it ... :)


  9. Renee ~ Well you'll just have to get to the Brides of Gallatin County. :o) lol I bet you'd love it too.

    Julie ~ We can't help it. If only you hadn't done such a good job. {wink} If you ever need reminding of how wonderful they are, (or you are) just ask any of us. I'm sure we won't mind gushing. :o)

  10. @ Lee: There are only very few Regency novels that I've read and actually enjoyed, so I tend to veer away from them. Sorry! *hanging head*

    @ Hannah: Girl, you just crack me up! *waving back just as excitedly* LOL

    @ Renee: I have the Brides of Gallatin County somewhere in my huge TBR're welcome to borrow them!! When are you gonna post your "Top 10"? *wink*

    @ Julie: I agree with Lee! We're happy to "gush" anytime...anywhere! *grinning*

    I'm working on my "Top 10" list right now (finally!!). :p