Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Circle of Friends Award

My friend, Susan Holloway, @ Journeys of Love...Inspired by Faith has given me The Circle of Friends Award! The rules are that I am supposed to share 5 things that I love to do and then pass the award on to five other blogs. Here we go:

5 Things I Love To Do

  1. Read ~ I know, big surprise right? Would it surprise you to know that I have a database for books and it has over 3,000 in it right now?
  2. Write ~ This is kind of a love/hate relationship for me. It's more accurate to say I "have" to write. It's like something is in me that must come out.
  3. Computer ~ I left it at just "computer" because I like to do all kinds of things on the computer. I love to research ideas and information, curriculum for homeschool, books, articles... Plus I go to boards, blogs, websites and I play games on my computer too.
  4. Make Jewelry ~ I haven't been doing it very long and it is still a hobby of mine. I don't do it often because my hands will hurt from the fibro, and since I'm writing now, most of my good "finger time" goes to writing, but I love all the different kinds of beads and gemstones. I especially like natural gemstones because they are all different and like little works of art. So like God to do that. I don't wear much jewelry - but I do enjoy making it. The necklace in my new pic is one I made. It is Tourmaline ~ and all the different colors mean it can go with lots of different things. That necklace is long too. I can wear it knotted or doubled... It's very pretty and one of my favorite things I've made (and one of the first).
  5. I volunteer at my church. ~ This includes everything from teaching my kiddos (K-2nd grades ~ which I've done for... at least 7 years now. I also maintain a board for our deployed soldiers and send them cards. I do skits and monologues too. I clean up, set up for potlucks, just help out any which way I can.

Now for the 5 blogs to pass it on to:

  • Lori @ Some of My Favorite Things Thank you for being one of the first people to befriend me in this blogging world and showing me the "ropes" on so many things.
  • Julane @ Inspiration From the Commonplace You were willing to step out in faith and become a critique partner to the least experienced writer on the planet with some strange ideas about writing. You also stood by me and became my friend. Thank you.
  • Renee @ Black 'n Gold Girl's Book Spot You rolled out the welcome mat right away and have been so nice ever since. You have an awesome sense of humor, great taste (in books and cars), :o) and I'm really glad we met.
  • Angie @ Never a Dull Moment You are always ready with an encouraging comment, a good suggestion, a wonderful picture of your cats... lol Just being you is enough. I have really enjoyed getting to know you.
Now this is the hard part ~ only one more and yet so many others have been good friends to me.

  • Deborah @ Butterfly Journey You have been very supportive of my writing, encouraged me continually, and understood things about me that nobody without chronic illness can. I pray for you and your daughter and I wish you all the best with your writing.
Thank you to all my friends and followers. Have a wonderful day.


  1. {{great big hugs}} Thank you so much, Lee! I needed that. The last few days have been really tough on everyone.

    You are a great friend and I've missed talking with you (everyone) lately. I hope to be able to get back to my "normal" blogging schedule, once the Christmas holidays are over.

    Thank you again! I love you!
    ~ Lori

  2. Lori ~ You are very welcome. We miss you, but understand totally. Hugs to you ~

  3. Thank you so much for the award! You are so sweet to bestow this award upon me! Thank you for your kind comments! It's nice to make friends like you in the blogging world!

    Merry Christmas!

    xoxo~ Renee

  4. Angie ~ You're welcome! :o)

    Renee ~ You're welcome too. You know I meant every single thing.

    I'm truly blessed. :o)