Sunday, October 11, 2009

Favorite Lines

I have always loved clever lines in movies, TV shows, and books ~ but I think I appreciate them even more now that I am writing because I know how much effort goes into the process. Sometimes those kinds of things just come to you, but more often than not, it is something that evolves after a long time of working and editing to get just the right words - just the right thoughts pinned down.

I watched an old movie (I only saw part and I have forgotten what it was called... so please forgive me) where one character was talking about the things that happened in the past. The other claimed that everyone had "skeletons" in their closets - and basically was saying that his past was staying there. The response was great. He said, "Some skeletons are prodigious travelers." I thought that was such a witty response!

The TV show, Castle, has great writers. I'm glad it does. It would be funny if a show about a great writer didn't have good writing. He always has the greatest lines. I watched a recent episode where he talked about how the murderer "killed the English language" (because he wrote on the victim's face using poor grammar). His banter back and forth with Beckett is filled with great lines. I like the one in the into they use too - where she says that he does remind her a little of Hooch.

Being such a sucker for romance, I have to use a romance as an example too. I watched "The Wedding Date" again recently. I don't have a good excuse at all. It isn't one of my favorite romances... but it does have some very good lines. I loved where he says that he would have missed her even if he'd never met her & he'd rather fight with her than make love with anyone else.

Do you have any favorite lines you'd like to share?


  1. Ahhhh I love Castle too! I love all the witty banter between Castle and Beckett...I'm sooo waiting for those two to get together! Doctor Who has a lot of witty the doctor, played by David Tennant, is super cute! As far as movies go I like the classics like Gone With the know the "Frankly my dear..." and "After all tomorrow is another day" are unforgettable! Sigh I need to watch that movie again it's been awhile! Great post!

    xoxo~ Renee

  2. My favorite line isn't out of a movie--but how about "I do"