Thursday, August 19, 2010

Praise and Prayer

Many of you know I've been moving. We had A LOT of stuff, the move was pushed up faster than we expected, my husband was gone for nearly a month before we left, I hurt my left arm right after he left to go to training and then the movers used some rather interesting techniques. All that added up to total disorganization and us way behind.

Just a couple examples: I opened a box labeled "papper" which contained pots, pans and some kitchen knives ~ loose except for one layer of packing paper. I (so lucky lately) grabbed them by the blades. I managed to get only a couple small cuts but I wasn't very happy. They packed loose saw blades in with foam and inflatable swimming gear from the garage - using no wrapping paper at all. We were under pressure to finish the move more quickly, but this kind of thing was just not very professional. They put my purses in with my son's lego kits... The filter for the fish tank was in three different boxes, and the box containing all the other aquarium supplies had a magazine rack, my beading tool kit and some games. Why couldn't they have left that stuff out and put the whole filter in one box with the rest of the supplies? Does that only make sense to me? It's making it really hard to find and unpack as so many boxes are mislabeled and the contents are mismatched.

You add in my injured arm and all the other things we need to do with a move to a new state with address changes, new licenses, new doctors, new vets, voter registration, getting ready for school, finding a new church...

I'm in Physical Therapy for my arm right now. The good news is that my pain has gone down so much! I still can't use it as much as I'd like, and certain positions/directions don't seem to work at all. That may mean that I just haven't worked them as much as I need to - or it may mean that the tear is worse there and not able to be fixed with therapy and working out. That will mean I will still have to have surgery. I'm praying to avoid that. Also - we still have not sold our old house and now have double payments. If you think of us please pray that we sell our house. We were told our house would sell quickly and it hasn't happened. Also pray that I can avoid surgery - which would be another large expense and recovery time.

I have my in-laws wanting to visit too. So a lot is happening. I hope to be more regular now though. It is just with everything going on I haven't had as much time for either the computer or reading. Thanks to all of you for hanging with me.


  1. Hey Lee,
    I'm so glad you guys are in your new house, but it's a bummer that the boxes got messed up. I'm sorry. I know what a hassles it is to move and finally having to un-pack everything. I pray your arm heals and that there will be no surgery in sight for you and that your old house sells soon.
    Have a wonderful and restful (if you can) weekend, Lee.
    Love Ya,

  2. Ashley, it will all work out. We keep finding such surprises. Just yesterday we opened a box with spices and craft supplies boxed together - marked - homeschool. lol It's like playing a game show and having to guess what's going to be inside the next box. lol

  3. Thank you Carrie. I just got approved for more therapy - so that's good. We'll get settled in. It's just takes time. It's taking us a little more time because of my injury and the disorganization of all the boxes - but we'll get it done. Thanks for asking. :o)