Monday, June 7, 2010

Dad's Bible

Looking for a Father's Day present for your Dad or husband? This might be just the thing. This Bible is full of features that make it very useful.

The Bible is hardcover and has a nice cover design. It's done in the New Century Version which is one of the easier translations to understand. That makes it really good if you want this to be a Bible that can be used not only for the Dad - but for him to use with his children as well. The pages also aren't so thin that that you have trouble turning them.

Then come the features. Like most Bibles, each book comes with a short introduction. Then they have all their special sections. Some are interspersed throughout the Bible (though there is an index in the back so you can find specific ones when/if you need them).

They are:

Walking in Authority ~ This is all about being the family leader & servant God intends. One of the ones I read talked about the monument built to remind the Israelites about what God had done for them and how everyone who saw that was pointed back to what God had done in their lives. Then it asked what people think when they see your house? Do they think of someone who is kind, generous, who loves God - or is it just a house with our name on the mailbox?

Godly Character ~ The one I read talked about the disciples walking on the road to Emmaus and how they were having trouble with their faith.

Passing It On ~ This section is all about advice on dealing with difficult situations with our children. One I read was about responding to people/situations that are overwhelmingly hostile. It related it back to David and Saul and how David trusted God to be his protection.

Dad's in the Bible ~ Profiles of Biblical dads with life lessons.

Building Your Children ~ These were much longer (whole page from what I saw) lesson on seven key areas of focus for building godly character traits in your children.

Insights ~ These were short, inspirational/motivational thoughts you can reflect and then act upon.

In the back of the Bible they also have a question and answer resource. They have pages of common questions children ask with Scripturally-based answers.

They have a section in the back where you can look up what the Bible has to say about peace or joy or grace and that kind of thing. It does not have a concordance though or study notes in the main body of the Bible. Still, I think this is a wonderful resource and I know just who I plan to gift mine to. :o)

I want to thank Thomas Nelson for providing my review copy. I appreciated it, but did not allow it to influence my review.


  1. Interesting. I'll take a look at this. The cover is fabulous!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by. I read your latest entry on Author Culture. It was very good. :o)