Saturday, April 24, 2010

Updates, Award & Contest

First of all I need to thank Deborah over at Butterfly Journey. She has given me the Sunshine Award.
This award is traditionally passed on to those bloggers that inspire others and show positivity and creativity. So, in that spirit, I picked my nominees from blogs that I visit regularly and are very informative and inspiring to me.
The rules for accepting the award are:

1) Put the logo within my blog or on my post

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Here are my nominees, please visit them and check out their blogs! As you know we all live for comments!

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Now, for the news I promised. I know many of you have been praying for us about the job situation. I posted in the comments section of my last blog that we have been offered a position and are in the final stages of the process. They are doing a background check right now and have not finished it - though we thought it was supposed to only take 24 hours. The only thing we're concerned about is that he's had some speeding tickets and they issue a company car (because the job involves travel) so that may red flag us. We had to turn down another job opportunity because we accepted their offer but they still haven't told us that everything is okay yet.

On Monday we are supposed to get a call from the company to find out the details about relocating and what all they will help us with. They do provide some help - if we do it their way. We will live somewhere in the state of Missouri, but we're not sure where yet. Also, we just refinanced this house (to try and save money) and it was purchased just four years ago (and property values have gone down the last two years) so we haven't made any progress on the loan. I'm afraid when I think of trying to sell the house. With no paycheck for so long - and no equity on the house, we have to sell it for what we owe and we have only a couple months before we have to be living in MO.

Plus I have my college student son living at home (to save money). He is close to school here, but can't move with us. His job barely pays for gas, books and his little incidentals and emergency expenses for the car. He can't afford an apartment. He is looking, but hasn't found a job - especially one that works around his school schedule. So we need prayer for him to find a place to live and a good job.

So, we are pretty sure and are happy, but it does create a few more things to lay before God. :o)

We have normal spring cleaning to do plus trying to get things organized to move and sell the house. I'm way behind in reviews ... I hope to try and do better at keeping up but I hope you'll be patient with me until life slows down a little bit.

In honor of being offered the job and wanting to praise God for that, I am doing a giveaway. Francine Rivers is one of the best writers of Christian fiction and I am offering 4 hardcovers by her ~ Books 1-4 of the Sons of Encouragement: The Priest, The Warrior, The Prince and The Prophet. These books have been sitting on my shelf for a while, but I haven't read them (too many books - not enough time). I did notice that one of them has a place where the inside flap of the dustcover is rubbed down towards the pages and the top part of a couple pages are bent and have small tears. :o( It must have happened in shipping. The rest of the book is pristine - as are the others - other than shelf wear. I thought about leaving it out, but I hope whoever wins will enjoy it despite the small bit of damage.

In your comment leave an email address, let me know if you are a follower, if you chose to become one, or if you chose to share about the giveaway on your own blog. That will earn you extra entries. This is only open to the US, and void where prohibited by law. I will announce a winner May 1st. So entries have to be by midnight central time on April 30th. Good luck.


  1. Congrats on your award, Lee! It's absolutely beautiful!

    Thank you so much for passing it along to me--I'm honored to receive it. I can't wait to post it! As you know. daisies are my fave flower. ;)


  2. Congratulations on the award Lee, and thank you for giving it to me. :) This is such a pretty award!

  3. What a pretty award, Lee!

    Congratulations!!!! You definitely deserve it, girl!

    I'm SO glad to hear about the job situation, kind of. I can see the problems it causes. However, rely on God (because I know you will) and he will provide for you. Look at the opportunities he's already given you.

    It was nice to hear from you. Keeping you in my thoughts!


  4. Okay, I was kinda in a hurry the first time I commented, so I didn't have a chance to read your entire I'm back. ;)

    WOW! I wouldn't know whether to be happy, or sad! Your situation sounds very both exciting, as well as, heart-breaking. It's great that your hubby most likely has a new job, but it's gotta be hard thinking about leaving one of your sons behind to finish school.

    You and your family are still in my prayers. Everything will work out in the end as God sees fit. :)

    Keep us posted!


  5. Wow it's kind of bittersweet isn't it? Your hubby might be getting a good job but you guys will have to move from your home! I hope everything works out and thank you for the update and the award! :-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  6. Lori ~ Thank you and thank you for your prayers for my family. It means so much.

    Katy ~ Thanks and you are very welcome. :o)

    Hannah ~ I am holding my breath & trying to be positive that the house will sell fast (we are supposed to be relocated no later than June 1st) and believe everything is going to work out just fine. God is so good, but things have been really hard for our family for over a year now. Lots of people are in the same boat. I pray everyone that has faced trouble finds relief soon.

  7. Renee ~ Bittersweet is a good word. It's always hard to leave. We are really thankful for the answer to prayers though.

    It looks like everything has been finalized. He has the job for sure. Now we just have to figure out about the move and selling the house plus my oldest son. God has it all worked out though. :o)

  8. Thank you for the pretty award...I love daisies. :)

    I'll be keeping you and your family in my prayers. Renee is's very bittersweet. ((hugs))

  9. That's good!!! But not at the same time......

    Thinking of you : )

  10. I admit I did the same as Lori and sped out of here without finishing the post *blush*. It sounds like a stressful time for you guys. I'll be praying for your family (congratulations that your hubby got the job!) and especially for your son. I hope he finds a great job & a workable living situation soon. *hugs*

  11. I am probably too late to get in for the books, but I pray that your job situation will get cleared up and that God will prepare everything that you will need in order to make this move. All things through God are possible

    I do follow you on goggle and have you button on my blog


  12. Nobody wanted the books, so I'll donate them to the library.

    We visit with the realtor about our house tomorrow ~ and took a trip to MO this weekend. It was a looooong trip and we saw some interesting places. Hopefully it was good research. We don't really know anything yet. Everything hinges on what happens with our current house.

    Thank you all for your prayers, patience and support. I will try and get some reviews up as soon as I can. I just have too much to do in so little time.