Monday, November 2, 2009

Feline Felicitations

My friend Angie over at Never a Dull Moment has inspired me to share my cats with you. She has more than I do and has been more generous with her pictures too. So, without further ado, here are my cats...
This is the old lady of the bunch. She is Siamese and was the only one of our pets (not just cats) we didn't "rescue" by either adopting them from a shelter or a rescue organization. She was one of my mom's cats and had just had her first litter when I came to visit - quite round with my first baby. Since there were bunches of other animals around (including very large dogs), she was keeping them in a kennel. She kept putting her paws out of the holes as if she badly wanted out and I kept thinking... It was hot, humid, my ankles had disappeared about a month ago, and my back never quit hurting... I wanted away from my baby too. lol We bonded. :o)

Her kittens were old enough to wean and Mom gave me her and one of her kittens as a present for my birthday. She's the sweetest thing - but so tiny. She is not like most Siamese I have known (and I grew up with a lot of them). She is sweet, loves to cuddle and is quiet. She isn't really happy unless she's curled up on one of us. For the longest time it used to be my feet - but that started hurting I had to get up too often. Now she picks my son's back as he lies on the couch and watches TV or reads his schoolwork.

This diva is Miss Faith. She is 100% cat. She acts like she owns the world and everyone in it. lol She is so pretty that I almost let her. :o) She is the first cat I ever owned who loves the sink. It's like her own personal spa tub. She also enjoys bird watching from the window (you should see her mouth move and hear her teeth smack together)... She watches TV and also seems to have conversations with us. We'll talk to her and she'll meow back and then we say something and she'll meow and it'll keep up for quite a while. She's a smart kitty.

Now she's also a clown. Unlike most graceful cats, this one will be grooming herself and roll right off a piece of furniture and land sprawled on the ground. It's funny to watch, but she'll catch us laughing and then glare at us as if she knows what we're laughing at and we should surely know better. :o)

She's so pretty. She's a lady to the core. She has the pinkest skin and toe pads. I love her green eyes. I was born with black hair ~ if only I'd had pretty green eyes like hers. I think that would make a nice combo for a character - male or female. ;o)

This teddy bear is Thomas. He is the cuddliest, most laid back and relaxed cat I have ever had. His picture should be next to the definition for mellow in the dictionary. He just doesn't get ruffled by much of anything. He takes most things in stride. We try to get him upset and he usually just winks those yellow-green eyes of his, purrs and licks our hands - then goes back to sleep. lol

He likes to perch next to me on the couch and reach down one of those fluffy paws of his and rest it on my arm. It's as if he wants to make sure he can touch me - without having to bother with leaving his comfy spot. He weighs about 18 pounds - but I think about 1/3 must be fur. He seems to be made of it. The only non-soft thing about him is his tongue - which I think could be used in home improvement projects.

We give him all sorts of nicknames. Sir Fluffs a lot is the most used one right now - Fluffy... When he walks around, his tail (which is very.... "fluffy" all by itself) is held straight up like a flagpole trailing behind him.

I love all my pets ~ especially my cats. They teach me so much. I hope you enjoyed meeting them.


  1. They are all sooo adorable! Thank you for sharing!

    xoxo~ Renee

  2. I agree with Renee..they are all adorable! :)

    I love the picture of Faith...she looks like she knows she is the Queen of the household. :D

    Thomas looks like a big Teddy Bear! So cute.

    Your Siamese is so pretty. I have a cat who looks just like a Siamese but his mother and brother are practically all black.

    Thanks for sharing..I really enjoyed hearing about your furry babies. :)

  3. Sweet! I love my furry kitty pets too! I loved meeting yours!

    I have an award for you!

  4. Beautiful cats, but I'm sneezing looking at them.

    I have passed on an award to you. Get is here.